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Stock Sale Agreement

Stock Sale Agreement

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  • Stock Purchase Agreement

    Popular - Stock Purchase Agreements for use in all states. This kind of agreement is used when the owner of shares of stock in a small corporation agrees to sell the stock to a buyer. These are some of our most popular forms.

  • Assignments & Options

    Assignment & Options to be used when assigning an Option to Purchase stock agreement to another individual. This assignment then grants the other party the option to purchase the stock.

  • Bridge Financing Term Sheet

    Bridge Financing Term Sheet between a company and individual/entity who agrees to provide interim company financing in exchange for a warrant to purchase common stock.

  • Employee Stock Redemption Agreement

    Employee Stock Redemption Agreement iis used when a director or shareholder wants to severe a corporate relationship. This agreement sets out that the party wants to have all shares redeemed.

  • Equity Incentive Plan Agreement

    Equity Incentive Plan Agreement for use when encouraging company ownership by key employees to ensure its success. This agreement sets forth how the stock plan will be administered and the period in which to purchase stock.

  • Escrow Agreement for Shares

    Escrow Agreement for Shares is for use by an owner of shares and an escrow agent who will hold the shares. This agreement sets out the arrangement's term and voting rights of the shares.

  • Investor Financing Agreements

    Investor Financing Agreements for use by a venture company and an investor who invests in order to make a profit. This form includes the relevant terms surrounding this arrangement.

  • Investors Rights Agreement

    Investors' Rights Agreement between parties to a Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement in which this agreement will become a part. This form contains provisions regarding rights of first refusal and restrictions on transfer terms.

  • Letters of Intent

    Letters of Intent for use when considering the purchase of a company's stock. Included are forms to purchase a portion or all shares of a company's stock.

  • Note Purchase Agreement

    Note Purchase Agreement allows a company to raise immediate capital by "borrowing" funds from investors who will be given a promissory note and repaid by the company.

  • Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement

    Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement for use by investors who intend to capitalize a company so a major shareholder cannot sell his or her shares.

  • Sale of All Shares (Sole Shareholder)

    Sale of All Shares by Sole Shareholder is for use when a buyer will purchase all stock of a corporation. It sets out the number of shares, par value and amount paid for the shares.

  • Stock Agreement - Restricted

    Restricted Stock Agreement between a company and an employee who desires to participate in the company's stock plan. This agreement includes terms regarding stock restrictions and a vesting schedule.

  • Stock Power

    Stock Power for use when transferring ownership of stock. This form sets out the number of shares to be transferred, their class and name of issuer.

  • Stock Purchase Agreement with Note Delivered as Consideration

    Stock Purchase Agreement with Note Delivered as Consideration is between a company and a purchaser who agrees to acquire this stock and pay for it via promissory note.

  • Stock Sale Agreement

    Stock Sale Agreement sets out terms of a sale of corporate equity between a seller and a buyer. It sets out the purchase price for the shares, closing date and documents which must be provided at closing.

  • Stock Subscription Agreements

    Stock Subscription Agreements to be used when a company sells stock to an investor for a price previously agreed upon. This agreement sets out the terms including the representations of the company and investor.

  • Tender Offer of Corporation to Purchase Stock

    Tender Offer of Corporation to Purchase Its Own Stock to be used when a corporation desires to purchase its own stock back from its shareholders. This offer may be used to preempt a hostile takeover.

  • Term Sheet for Convertible Preferred Stock

    Term Sheet for Convertible Preferred Stock is a non-binding agreement which summarizes the terms under which an investor can purchase convertible stock.

  • Vesting Agreements

    Vesting Agreement between an employee and their employer/company as an incentive to purchase company stock. The agreement sets out detailed terms including the number of shares which can be optioned.

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